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About Me

Explorer by choice, Engineer by Experience, Philosopher by Practice and Entrepreneur by Profession

Building With a Passion While Exploring the World.

I believe businesses can be a great source of power to change lives of people and the planet. Passion coupled with perseverance is the key to success. We can all do something remarkable with our lives. Why not start at least now?

Working with Innovators and Entrepreneurs is what brings the best in me. You can be inside a corporate, out there in the world or in-between. Let me know how I can help.

The best thing you can do is to bring the best version of yourself to work, all the time. That’s the driving force for the remarkable YOU!

You can choose to build bridges and break barriers for a wonderful life on this planet. 

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Conditioning to Innovate

Few things, I can help you with

What our customers and friends are using, routinely. 

Business Design

If you are in the process of defining a new business or revamping current – either for your startup, venture within the company or a social enterprise, I can help you with designing it well.

Strategy Workshops

Having a third eye is powerful. Especially when it is for bringing the balance in the context of your business. If you wish to make use of the contextual experience to steer your way, I can pitch-in.

Innovation Advocacy

If you want to cultivate innovation culture and nurture entrepreneurs and innovation leaders within your company, I can help you with contextual interventions – including programs, key-notes and workshops.

Work Experience

Sneak Peak into the professional explorations, till now…

Entrepreneur (Product ODM, R&D, GTM Solutions)

Built, operated and sold four ventures. Licensed over 80 first-to-world-products. Established 3 international brands in India.

Product Development, Business Management
Industrial Automation, Aerospace, MedTech, ConsumerTech, Semicon, EdTech
Business Leader (S/W, H/W, IT Services, ER&D Services)

Global Technology Management, GCC Setup & Operations, Outsourcing, Global Business leadership. Built and ran over USD 2 billion run-rate businesses. 

Corporate Leader, Business Management
ConsumerTech, BFSI, Telecom, Aerospace, Automotive, MedTech, Semicon,Retail
Social Enterprises, NGO
1987- to date

Built a social enterprise platform to help Non-profits and NGOs to become self-reliant and scale to live longer than the life-time of founders.

Running a foundation with focus on helping people lead their lives in a self-reliant manner. 

Strategy, Advisory, Investments
Livelihood, Education, Housing, Sustainability
Ecosystem Enablement
2004- to date

Being part of several national and international industry bodies as Executive/ Governing Council Member, promoting and supporting future-shifting initiatives.

Ecosystem, Collaboration, Change Management
Future of Work, Digital Transformation, Policy
Consulting, New Ventures
2015- to date

Founded a consulting and venture firm. Working with over 40 startups and 50 corporate innovators per year in helping them bring-forth new business ventures through coaching, consulting and investments.

Consulting, Investments
Incubation, Development, Expansion

Current involvement

Solutions for Corporate Innovators, Social Innovators and the Enthusiasts!

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